A moment of relaxation with DoTERRA oils at Rottmann | Rüther

Dear customers,

for still more security and relaxation When you visit the hairdresser, we use changing essential oils in our salons from October.

Due to the unique molecular structures, the oils from doTERRA – the gift of the earth – have versatile effects. We experience a range of emotions during the day. Essential oils help regulate and maintain our wellbeing. At Rottmann | Rüther we switch between the varieties peppermint, lavender and lemon. Lemon in particular is said to have a virucidal and energizing effect. Experience a feeling of lightness and joy!

Even in ancient times, people used essential oils as an alternative medicine. Even today, essential oils are an integral part of alternative medicine in the context of aromatherapy, because they can alleviate physical complaints and favor cleaner skin and clearer airways. They also have a beneficial effect on the soul!

The 100% natural oils from doTERRA Germany are characterized by constant effectiveness, purity and quality.
Lean back and let yourself be enchanted by the beneficial effects of doTERRA oils the next time you visit the hairdresser!
You can read more about our initiative “Safe and relaxed at the hairdresser’s in autumn / winter” in our new update.

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