Donate hair to a good cause

Donating hair for children – that’s behind it

“It’s for kids” is a non-profit donation organization that supports abused, abused, neglected or otherwise disadvantaged children. With the help of creative, active and monetary donations, It’s for kids collects donations for various children’s aid projects. The idea behind it is simple: by organizing a wide variety of calls for donations, people like you and me can do so much good – without spending a single cent. Instead, you just donate your hair! In addition to money, the organization primarily collects creative donations such as braids, shoes, cell phones, jewelry, gold teeth or objects containing precious metals. The proceeds from the sales of these donations then go directly to various aid projects for children who sorely need our support.

Donate hair and do something good – that’s how you get involved

Everyone can take part in It’s for kids. Do you have an old cell phone that you no longer need? Then just donate it and support those who need it most: children. Due to the wide range of donations, the It’s for Kids donation organization works closely with hairdressers, dentists and recyclers, among others. And since we at BEAUTEX®are of the opinion that these children deserve urgent help, we are happy to participate in our hairdressing salons. From a braid length of 25 centimeters you can donate your hair for this unique project. Your human hair donation will then be sold as profitably as possible to, for example, wig manufacturers. The proceeds from this sale will ultimately go back to It’s for kids, which will use it to finance various child protection projects. These include, for example, projects in the fields of education, health and prevention facilities.

How else can you donate to It’s for kids

Is your hair currently not long enough to donate it or are you not sure whether you can part with your head of hair? At the same time, do you think the idea behind It’s for kids is so good that you would like to help too? No problem: There are numerous other ways in which you can donate to the organization. Maybe you still have old shoes or a cell phone at home that you no longer need. Or do you have any remaining foreign currency or old printer cartridges that you can no longer use? It’s for kids also gratefully accepts this kind of donation. In addition, the German organization regularly organizes various campaigns and events, such as charity runs or remaining cent donations. And as an alternative to gifts of money for weddings or in the form of condolences, there are ways to support this unique non-profit organization. Donate your hair now in our hairdressing salons in Essen, Hattingen, Moers & Bochum.

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