These are the 5 trend hairstyles

The year 2021 is just around the corner and has a lot to offer in terms of short hair trend hairstyles: In addition to the choppy cut and the blunt bob, there are above all striking looks such as the shag cut, the bowl cut and the pixie cut that we will see next year will be seen particularly frequently. We’ll tell you which haircuts are behind it

Trend hairstyle No. 1: the choppy cut

The choppy cut is a fringed and very layered hairstyle that embodies a rocky undone look. To get this trendy look, your hair needs a lot of hold and volume.

Trend hairstyle No. 2: the shag cut

Whether as a bob, long bob or with long hair – the shag cut is particularly versatile. Typically it is cut with the curtain fringe. You can choose to wear the shag cut with or without a pony.

Trend hairstyle No. 3: the blunt bob

The blunt bob is a roughly chin-length, blunt cut bob that is particularly suitable for straight hair. With the blunt bob, the hair is cut very precisely and with straight edges, which gives it its characteristic shape. If you wish, you can leave your hair a little longer at the front than at the back, so that it tends to point.

Trend hairstyle No. 4: the bowl cut

The bowl cut is already known from the 1960s, when the star hairdresser Vidal Sassoon called it the “five-point style”. At that time, the cut, which is often unpopular with children, was known as the “pot cut”. Since this year the bowl cut has experienced a kind of revival among haircuts and will even be one of the trend hairstyles in 2021.

Trend hairstyle No. 5: the pixie cut

The pixie cut is a trendy short haircut in which the sides and neck are shaved off while the top hair is parted and worn longer. As early as the 1950s, the pixie cut was a symbol of female emancipation. And in the coming year, too, it will be one of the absolute trend hairstyles.

2021 is all about striking and character-enhancing haircuts. Many of them were popular decades ago and will experience a revival in terms of trend haircuts next year. Are you ready for one of the trends for 2021? Or do you prefer to stick with a classic hairstyle? No matter whether classic or extravagant, we at Beautex® make sure that your look suits you perfectly.

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