These are the trend hair colors 2020

In 2020, hair color can again be a little more noticeable. In addition to trends such as silver-blonde, purple and caramel, this year you will mainly find hair colors such as strong browns, aquamarine and bright red. We’ll tell you which 6 hair colors are currently in trend and how you can find the right shade for your hair.

Trend hair color No. 1: silver-blonde

As was the case last year, silver-blonde hair will be all the rage in 2020, as will gray. The silver-blonde look offers an excellent alternative to gray hair with almost the same effect: the extremely cool blonde gives your hair the icy, cool touch you want. Important here: Use Purple Shampoo for shampooing to prevent your hair from yellowing and at the same time to maintain the silvery shine of your hair for as long as possible.

Trend hair color No. 2: Ash blonde with roots and highlights

Ash blonde is also one of the most popular hair colors this year. In addition to a darker approach or golden highlights, blonde tones in various nuances are trendy.

Trend hair color No. 3: a rich brown

Velvety as well as rich, dark brown tones look classy and timelessly beautiful on the one hand. On the other hand, tones such as “black chocolate” give your hair a particularly unusual look. Especially in combination with very subtle highlights in lighter brown tones, the hair appears particularly voluminous.

Trend hair color No. 4: Aquamarine

One of the most important trend hair colors of the summer will be aquamarine. This year, some designers are focusing on different shades of blue and have their models with sea-blue hair pose on the world’s catwalks.

Trendy hair color No. 5: bright red

Actress Jessica Chastain leads the way: with her vibrant, bright red hair, she is setting new trends this summer. The red must not appear too intrusive, but should radiate warmth and naturalness. If you prefer to make it conspicuous, you can use bright, strong red tones.

Trend hair color No. 6: contrasts and eye-catching colors

For example, dark hair in combination with red balayage is particularly trendy in 2020, but strong pink is also very much in trend at the moment. The combination of blonde and pink is also becoming more and more common this summer. The same applies to unusual colors such as lavender.

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