These are the trend hairstyles for 2021

When it comes to hairstyle trends, 2021 has tons of stylish haircuts to offer. In addition to different bob variants, hairstyles such as the pixie cut or the bowl cut are on the rise. Natural hair colors go well with this, but gentle color gradients are also absolutely trendy this year.

The bob – a trendy hairstyle with many facets

The bob is and will remain one of the most popular hairstyle trends this year too. In addition to the gelly bob and the hacked bob, the blunt bob is also one of the hottest hairstyles in 2021. The latter is cut chin-length and blunt, which makes it look very serious and elegant. Stars such as actress Lucy Boynton or influencer Xenia Adonts rely on the blunt bob to enhance their striking appearance. Often the blunt bob is also referred to as hacked bob, which means something like “choppy bob” and describes the blunt and stepless cut. Another absolute trend this year is the gelly bob, in which the blunt cut bob is turned back with hair gel.

Above all, distinctive and character-enhancing haircuts are particularly popular in 2021. In addition to the classic chin-length bob, the shag cut, the choppy cut, the pixie cut and the bowl cut are true trendsetters this year. While the hair with the choppy cut is very frayed and cut with many layers so that it embodies a rocky undone look, the pixie and the bowl cut are among the hottest short hairstyles in 2021. Especially for women over 50 it is from the 50s well-known pixie-cut hairstyle is very popular because it looks casual and stylish at the same time. For this, the sides and neck are shaved off and the top hair is parted and left a little longer. Another popular hairstyle trend in 2021 is the bowl cut from the 1960s, which Vidal Sassoon once made known under the name “Five-Point-Style”

Which hair color is trending in 2021?

The five most popular hair colors in 2021 are golden brown, cold blond, balayage, dipped tips and painting – all natural colors or harmonious, soft color gradients that emphasize your natural look. Shrill, artificial colors are absolutely out. On the other hand, a warm chocolate brown, all blonde tones and intensified natural hair colors are absolutely in.

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