We are here for you again

Despite Corona restrictions, we are there for you again

After a month-long break, we are very happy that we can finally be there for you again. The entire BEAUTEX® hairlounge team is doing everything in its power to ensure that we can serve you as usual despite the pandemic and continuous corona restrictions. Since the salon opened on March 1st, there have been some hygiene regulations that we have to adhere to at all of our locations. However, wearing a surgical mask has now become almost part of everyday life for us and in no way hampers our work. Rather, we are happy that we can finally pursue our passion, cutting, styling and coloring hair, luckily.

But how exactly does a hairdresser appointment at BEAUTEX® currently work? What do you have to pay attention to when you want to make an appointment with us? And how high is the risk of infection with COVID-19 in our salons? In the following post you will find the answers to these and other questions about reopening after the new lockdown.

How can I make an appointment at BEAUTEX® hairlounge?

In terms of appointments, not much has changed at BEAUTEX® hairlounge: If you want to make an appointment in one of our hairdressing salons in Hattingen, Essen, Moers, Herne, Oberhausen or Bochum, simply call the branch in question. So you can arrange your desired date by phone. Regarding the keeping of the appointment, we would like to ask you to be punctual, but not too early in the corresponding salon. Please bring a surgical mask or an FFP / KN95 mask with you. Without a mask, neither entry to the salon nor on-site treatment is permitted. During the treatment you have to wear the mask all the time, just like us.

How high is the risk of infection at the hairdresser’s?

Our hygiene concept stipulates that the hairdressers in our salons must always wear a medical mask. At the same time, there are only as many customers in a salon as the size of the salon requires under current government regulations. We also ventilate regularly, wash our hands and disinfect surfaces and handles that could potentially transmit the virus. Of course, we cannot completely rule out the risk of virus transmission, but by strictly adhering to all hygiene rules, we ensure that the risk is minimized enormously.

If everyone makes their contribution to the hygiene concept, we can significantly minimize the risk of transmission. This means that we can (hopefully) be there for you again from Monday to Saturday without any further lockdown!

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