What are the trending hairstyles 2020?

Are you in the mood for a trendy hairstyle, but you are unsure which hairstyles are in 2020? No problem, we have compiled the 5 top haircuts for women in 2020 for you.

Trend hairstyle No. 1: the pob

Last year, the so-called pob, i.e. the bob with bangs, conquered our hearts. The shoulder-length or collarbone-length bob is cut particularly straight, whereas the bangs can be a bit frayed and cut a bit longer on the outside. Stars like curtain bangs show how elegant and at the same time natural the pob can look.

Trend hairstyle No. 2: the chin-long bob

The bob is super versatile and is therefore suitable for different hair lengths, head shapes and casual styling ideas. Above all, naturalness will be a top priority in 2020. That is why the bob is and will remain one of the most popular hairstyles of the year. One of the possible variants of the classic bob is the chin-long bob, i.e. a bob that only extends to the chin and is therefore cut a little shorter than the classic bob. Stars like Mary Leest, Brittany Xavier or Anine Bing are already wearing the chin-long bob.

Trendy hairstyle No. 3: short hairstyles

In 2020, short hairstyles are more popular than they have been in a long time. If you want to go with the trend in 2020, haircuts such as the soft pixie cut, the petit bob or even mullet are possible options. The soft pixie cut, in which the sides are short but the hair on the head is kept a little longer, is particularly popular. This creates a natural and softly falling look that can be pepped up with fringed, long bangs if necessary.

Trendfrisur Nr. 4: French Cut

Also this year, the French cut is one of the hottest hairstyles of the year. Slight layers and fringed bangs that fall loosely over the face go best with medium-length as well as long hair. The French cut looks particularly casual and also scores with its low styling effort.

Trend hairstyle No. 5: Undone look and deep waves

2020 is the year of naturalness when it comes to hairstyles. The rule is: the simpler, the easier it is to care for and the more natural your hairstyle will look. That is why looks like deep waves, the undone look and wild natural curls are on the rise this year. Instead of elaborate styling, it is more about emphasizing the hair’s own structure.

Are you still unsure which hairstyle suits you best? Then just make an appointment in one of our hairdressing salons. Our experts will be happy to advise you and tell you which hairstyle best emphasizes your beauty.

When visiting the hairdresser, it is important that you feel comfortable and trust your hairdresser. The more often you go to the same hairdresser, the better you know each other and the better he knows what you like and what not. But what do you do if you don’t know each other very well? From colors and cuts to hair styling and care – there is a lot that, ideally, needs to be clarified in advance. We have put together 9 questions for you that you should best ask your hairdresser so that you are still happy after your visit to the hairdresser.

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