What does the Corona Lockdown mean for hairdressers

The corona pandemic has been on our minds for almost a year now and despite the current second lockdown, a significant improvement still seems a long way off. That is why we at BEAUTEX® hairlounge would like to use these days to tell you about the pandemic from our point of view. We would like to give you an insight into our work as hairdressers and will tell you what the lockdown means for us.

A few words in advance …

As you know, we put our heart and soul into our work. The fact that we all had to close our salons again almost breaks our hearts. Our team, which is now spread over 6 locations – like all hairdressing salons across Germany – had to close its doors since December 16, 2020. We very much hope that we can be there for you again from January 11th, 2021. However, this is not in our hands and, what is even more important, we understand that we are only allowed to reopen when the danger has almost been averted or at least enormously minimized. The well-being and health of our customers is our top priority. We want you to come to one of our salons without hesitation the next time and not have to worry about a possible infection. And we will do everything for that.

What the corona pandemic means for us hairdressers

In our work as hairdressers, we get very close to our customers physically. However, so that we could continue to offer our service to you outside of a lockdown, we developed a solid and well-thought-out hygiene concept. The obligatory wearing of a mouth / nose protection was just as important as regular airing and sufficient space between the individual chairs. In this way we were able to guarantee at least a bit of normalcy so that you could make an appointment with us as usual. We at BEAUTEX® hairlounge were also completely taken by surprise and surprised at the huge pandemic that hit us all. We were not afraid – but the Germany-wide uncertainty did not leave us without a trace. And finally, there are also numerous workplaces attached to our salons.

Suddenly the first lockdown came

With the first lockdown, it was clear to all of us that something so unimaginable had befallen us that no one had expected. As difficult as it was for us to temporarily close our salons, the more certain we were that things would recover after the lockdown.

We use the time up to the “reopening” sensibly to think about a sensible hygiene concept and its implementation. Nevertheless, we were all more than happy when the first easing of the corona protective measures came into force in mid-April 2020. We were allowed to reopen and pursue our passion as hairdressers again – albeit under strict corona conditions. However, these were not a problem for us, as we did not want to endanger the health of our customers or that of our entire team members under any circumstances.

With a heavy heart we accepted the second lockdown

Since December 16, 2020, we have again not been allowed to receive any customers in our salons. This government decision came as a surprise and yet we respect it. For weeks we had to watch the number of people infected and the number of deaths rise steadily, even though there were permanent restrictions on the part of the government. We know that this step was necessary to protect the lives of many people. At the same time, we were very sorry for our customers to be closed again so shortly before Christmas. How gladly we would have served a lot more of you and sweetened the holidays with a new haircut, a great hair color or a special hairstyle. How much we would like to stand in our salons today and look back at the Corona period with one laughing and one crying eye. But we are not there yet. We still have to be patient a bit.

What we want for the future

We very much hope that you are all well and that we can quickly put this difficult time behind us together. 2020 is drawing to a close and we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your loyalty. It enables us to pursue our passion every single day. Thanks to you, we can do what is most important to us every day – being hairdressers. We love our job with everything that goes with it and we can hardly wait to see you again soon in our hairdressing salons in Essen, Hattingen, Moers, Bochum, Oberhausen and Herne. Stay healthy and hang on – we will too!

We wish you all a peaceful transition into the new year and are already looking forward to a great 2021 with you!

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