Why a hair extension?

Many women want thick, voluminous, long hair. But Mother Nature does not always equip us with this from the outset. But even if you are not satisfied with your natural hair, there are several ways you can do something about it. With a hair extension from a professional, we conjure up a flowing mane from fine, thinned hair that is bursting with volume. How we do this? Quite simply: We work targeted strands of real hair into your natural hair, which later can no longer be distinguished from your own hair. So you can get hair of almost any length from short or medium-length hair. Especially for people who feel unhappy with their natural head of hair, professional hair extensions are a great way to feel more beautiful again.

How does a professional hair extension work?

We carry bondings and human hair extensions from various well-known manufacturers such as Great Hair, Hairworxx Great Length and Balmain. In our salons you can not only see them, but above all touch them. After all, we want you to feel comfortable with your new head of hair later. A detailed and individual consultation is a matter of course for us. We will be happy to answer all your questions about hair extensions and, if you wish, show you pictures of our extensions that have already been carried out. For the actual hair extension, you have various options to choose from: In addition to clip-in and tape extensions, we also use so-called keratin bonds. These are worked into your real hair in individual strands with the help of pliers. They last around three to four months. The tape extensions last about half, i.e. about six to eight weeks. We stick these with adhesive strips in your natural hair, which in turn is extremely gentle on your hair.

What are clip-in extensions?

The third variant of a professional hair extension uses the principle of clips. The clip-in extensions are simply clipped into your natural hair. In just a few minutes you will have the mane you have always dreamed of. Clip-in extensions have several advantages: it only takes a few minutes to work them in, while the effect is all the more effective. At the same time, your hair can also be easily styled with the clip-in extensions.

Would you like a different color? No problem even after hair extensions

Do you not only want long, thick hair, but also a different color, curls or highlights? No problem, after all we use BEAUTEX®hairlounge only real hair extensions. These can be colored and styled as desired even after they have been attached.

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact us without obligation or visit us in our hairdressing salons in Oberhausen, Essen, Bochum, Halten and Moers.

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