Wolf Cut

Totally trendy: the wolf cut

Anyone who currently opens the TikTok video platform is increasingly coming across one of the hottest hairstyle trends of this year: the wolf cut. It is a mixture of the two trend haircuts mullet and shag and is characterized above all by its wild look with a lot of volume on the head and strands that are thinned out towards the bottom. The wolf cut is suitable for both straight and curly hair. The longer the hair, the more pronounced the wolf cut can be. Even if the wolf cut should look untamed and wild, the haircut still requires a lot of styling. While straight hair often first has to be styled with the help of a curling iron in order to create visible steps, curly hair wearers often have to help out with hairspray and texturizing spray.

The wolf cut as a versatile trend hairstyle

Stars like Billie Eilish or Debby Ryan swear by the Wolf Cut as a trend hairstyle. And that is not least due to the fact that the Wolf Cut is particularly versatile. After all, you decide for yourself how radical, tiered or casual the trend hairstyle should look on you. Those who like it extreme can have their hair cut short at the front, sides and top, while the back section of hair remains long. In order to be able to cut the wolf cut in a particularly fringed and rocky style, your hair should be long and thick. However, there is also a version of the wolf cut that is great for short hairstyles. Well-known wearer is Miley Cyrus, for example, who combines the wolf cut with micro bangs and extremely short hair on the sides. On the other hand, she wears slightly longer strands at the back of her head, which ultimately reveals the wolf cut. The wolf cut is especially ideal as a transition cut between short and long hair.

The curtain bangs look only looks great if the pony that has been laid aside and outgrown does not curl upwards. The bangs can look a little blown away and the rest of your hair can also be a little wavy. Incidentally, curtain bangs also look great with a bun or a pigtail.

Would you like a gentle wolf cut?

Are you unsure whether the Wolf Cut suits you? Then try the soft version of the Wolf Cut first. Here you first gently cut the hair into a soft mullet shape, while at the same time adding some shaggy elements through a few steps. Singer Halsey shows how it is and plays around her distinctive face with her gentle wolf cut. If you like, you can also combine the wolf cut with bangs. Whether centered, parted on the side, micro or XL bangs – the Wolf Cut allows almost any pony shape. It is only important that it is also adapted to the layered look of the entire Wolf Cut hairstyle, gently merging into the steps on the top of the head and on the sides.

Are you still unsure whether the Wolf Cut suits you?

If you are not yet sure which wolf cut suits your face shape and your natural hair best, let our experts in our salons advise you. They show you the possibilities of how the trendy Wolf Cut haircut could look on you.

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